Why Choose INDUS

Impressed by the great accuracy In measuring length, mass and time achieved by the people of the Indus Civilization, a team of experienced, motivated, dedicated visionaries decided to provide composite and quality training to the young minds in Engineering & Management education to become efficient technocrats & promising managers, facing tough challenges in globally competitive market with a view to become good human beings, as well as, to serve the society at large in a lush green environment.


To make the dream come true IES (Indus Education Society) established "Indus Institute of Technology & Management" in 2008 with B.Tech and MBA programs to achieve greater accuracy in all fields.

To fulfill the vision, mission, aims and objectives of the visionaries of Indus Institute of Technology & Management provides the state of the art laboratories to all departments, namely, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and MBA. The department of IT is an integral part of the department of Computer Science & Engineering of the Institute. The laboratory is a place where students & researchers try all possibilities of testing grounds to strengthen their imagination and creative thinking to avoid mistakes whenever the possibilities arises in threatening or non-threatening environment and proceed without posing any risk. The students of INDUS get opportunities to work in the laboratories on individual basis. The entire campus of INDUS, including hostels, guest house, SBRA, is connected with Wi-Fi facility having 50 Mbps speed leased line. The hard work with the heap of highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty is trying to make the dream come true.

Our institute ensures 24 hours water and power supply backed up by five generators of different capacities. An Ambulance is ready round the clock in the campus to mitigate any type of emergency arising in the campus.